When adding colour to the system by hand the only key to remember is 48 shots is 1 ounce. The system wont let you enter 48 under shots or more (will replace with 47).


This format is as follows, if you do not see a number before Y it is one ounce, if there is a number before Y thats the amount of ounces. The next number or when there is NO Y is shots. If it has a .5 it is a half shot so y5.5 is 1 ounce, 5 shots, and one half shot.

You might also see 2y7.75 making it 2 ounces, 7 shots, 1 half shot, and 1 quarter shot. You might also see it listed in ounce amounts, so fractions of a ounce, 1/48 is a shot and 1/96 is a half shot.

Tinting Primer Grey

To tint primer to a grey is 1 ounce of B per quart. A gallon can is 4 ounces of tint, and a quart is 1 ounce of tint.

Manual Sample Can

If you have a colour that does not have a sample option you can still mix it. A sample can is half a quart, so load in the colour in a quart amount and half all values. You can also use the system to edit the formula to 50% lighter (half tint).

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