Surface Prep

If the bricks are smooth Natura Safe Etch needs to be used to provide “tooth” for the coating to adhere. Scrub bricks with a stuff brush, wash with Natura Safe Prep or TSP Plus.


3.64L White Interior/Exterior Latex Primer Sealer (Home Hardware Number 1828-720)

Use Natura Ultra Low VOC. Apply a primer with a long nap roller. Use a good quality 1-2 inch angled brush to get paint into the grout lines and crevices. If the brick is new you will need to wait 30 days before painting. If heavy smoke damage on the brick use Block iT primer first.


3.64L White Base Suede Finish Interior Latex Paint (Home Hardware Number 1858-617)

Designer Series, Natura or Signature Series.

The instructions in this list are provided by Beauti-Tone.

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