Surface Prep

Scrub concrete with a stiff brush, using Asphalt and Concrete cleaner, rinse well. Clean surface with TSP Plus or Natura Safe Prep.

Surface Check

Make sure your concrete isn’t wicking up moisture from underneath. Take a 2×2 foot piece of plastic to the floor (tape all edges) and wait a couple of days. Check underneath the plastic to make sure no moisture has formed on the underside of the plastic. If it has, your slab isn’t a good candidate for paint.


4L Concrete Bond Interior/Exterior Latex Primer (Home Hardware Number 1850-741)

Apply Floor bonding primer for increased adhesion.


3.64L White Alkyd Acrylic Porch and Floor Paint (Home Hardware Number 1835-101)

Beauti-Tone Modified Alkyd Urethane Porch & Floor Paint.

The instructions in this list are provided by Beauti-Tone.

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