Surface Prep

For power troweled garages and basements use Muriatic Acid to etch the surface concrete. The surface needs to feel like the texture of 120 grid sandpaper for proper adhesion of the coating. Next clean with Asphalt and Concrete cleaner if there is a tough stain to remove such as gas and oil stains. Rinse well. Follow with TSP Plus or Natura Safe Prep. Use proper ventilation and safety equipment (PPE) when using Muriatic Acid.


4L Concrete Bond Interior/Exterior Latex Primer (Home Hardware Number 1850-741)

Apply Beauti-Tone Concrete Bonding primer with a roller.


3.7L Slate Grey Concrete and Garage Latex Paint (Home Hardware Number 1855-988)

Bauti-Tone Concrete Garage Paint.

The instructions in this list are provided by Beauti-Tone.

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