Surface Prep

1L TSP All Purpose Spray Cleaner (Home Hardware Number 1620-198)

Clean the surface with TSP Plus or Natura Safe Prep, rinse well if using TSP Plus. Let dry. Rough surface with 60-100 grit sandpaper on a sanding block or use Natura Safe Sand. Clean with damp cloth. Remember to sand with the direction of the wood grain.


3.64L White Interior/Exterior Alkyd Primer Sealer (Home Hardware Number 1831-871)

Cabinet & Furniture paint is self-priming so no primer is required. If you are not using Cabinet & Furniture then a primer would be required on bare wood (Tannin bleed) such as Block iT (118-10).

Top Coat

3.64L Cabinet and Furniture White Base Interior Acrylic Paint (Home Hardware Number 1880-434)

Designer Series Cabinet & Furniture Paint.


1L Safe Sand Spray Sander (Home Hardware Number 1650-400)

Natura Safe Sand (1650-400) is an alternative to sanding. It is a liquid deglosser that TEMPORARILY etches the surface to allow coatings to bond.

The instructions in this list are provided by Beauti-Tone.

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